Alaska may be a long way from the areas affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, but that doesn't mean the 49th state has forgotten. 

Many inspiring stories of giving are popping up. Add South Anchorage High School's volleyball team to the growing list. The concession monies raised in Tuesday night's matches with rival Dimond will go to Hurricane relief efforts in Texas and Florida. 

The idea came from Emilye Grace Williams of South.

"I just thought, 'How could I give back?' And, at volleyball games, we have a lot of supporters and lot of people like to buy food at the concession stand," she said. 

With the C, JV and varsity matches going, the school could bring in quite a haul. 

"I know we're going to make a lot of money tonight, so it's nice that we can donate to people who really need it and have lost everything." 

Williams says folks who can, should help any way possible. 

She and her school are leading by example.