A recent uptick in vandalism and theft at a popular local dog park has people looking for solutions.

About 30 dog owners met with an Anchorage Police officer at Connors Bog Dog Park Saturday afternoon. Recently, while at the park, a number of people have had their car windows smashed and items stolen.

Bonny Graham organized the meeting. She goes to the park every day and her car was broken into, which she called upsetting – especially the time and money to replace the window.

"In the end, my dogs were safe and I was safe so I just think it's unfair that everyday people should be putting up with that kind of crime and inconvenience,” she said.

APD says this is a crime of opportunity, so it's important not to have valuables in your car. The group also discussed personal safety, making a citizen’s arrest and the best way to contact APD in a non-emergency.

"We talked about some of us carrying some kind of self-protection like mace or tasers and that if you feel you need to use the, use good judgment and take that decision and then call 911,” said Graham.

The group also discussed setting up a Facebook page for the park and raising money to install a surveillance camera for the parking lot.