You don't have to wait long to see a red light runner in Anchorage.

Several drivers were spotted running red lights at the intersections of Benson and A Street and Tudor and Lake Otis.

The law says a driver is in violation if they cross into a crosswalk after a traffic light turns red. 

According to the latest figures from the Alaska Department of Transportation, there were 290 crashes throughout Alaska in 2014. The D.O.T. says 156 people were hurt, several seriously. There were zero deaths that year from red light running, according to the state.

Anchorage Police officers have been writing fewer red light tickets the last few years. According to APD, officers wrote 3023 tickets in 2012. That number was cut in half in 2013 when officers wrote 1419 red light tickets. The number was 1422 in 2014, 1473 in 2015 and 1596 in 2016. 

APD spokesperson Renee Oistad explained the reduction in the number of tickets from 2012 to 2013, saying the department was facing a staffing shortage during that time. She says APD administration took officers from several different units to fill patrol vacancies, which included taking officers from the traffic unit. While APD says that shortage continues today, things will be changing. But, APD has yet to say what those changes will include.

APD says the fine for running a red light is $200 and four points against someone's license.