Republican state senator Kevin Meyer is challenging Gov. Bill Walker and Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott in the upcoming election. His candidacy now marks three bids for lieutenant governor by people who have held office in the state legislature. Sen. Gary Stevens (R-Kodiak), and former Rep. Lynn Gattis (R-Wasilla) have also indicated they are seeking the position. 

Meyer filed an application to run for lieutenant governor on the 2018 ballot at the Division of Elections office in Anchorage Thursday morning. Meyer says he believes the state needs a change at the top. He disagrees with Walker's call for new taxes-- and says he would instead focus on attracting new investment.

"Now going back for our fourth special session, we just, we need a change at the top, instead of kind of trying to be a bully, and calling us back until by golly he gets the taxes he wants, a governor and lieutenant governor who will work with the legislature," Meyer said. "

Meyer currently works for ConocoPhillips. He says his experience with the oil company could work to his advantage in office because he understands both sides of the partnership.

"There's a lot of different occupations, we've got fisherman, we've got lawyers and we have union workers and mine happens to be in the oil industry -- which I think has worked to my advantage because that industry is so important to the state of Alaska," Meyer said.

Right now, Sen. Mike Dunleavy (R-Wasilla) is the only Republican to launch a bid for governor. Meyer says he expects other candidates to emerge within the party.