This Saturday, September 9, NOAA Fisheries asks people to help them spot and count Belugas as they pass along Turnagain Arm.

Verena Gill with NOAA Fisheries and Sue Goodglick with the Department of Fish and Game joined us to explain the significance of this public count.

They are excited about the prospect of bringing people together for this first public spotting to focus on the endangered Beluga Whales and to help people foster awareness of the animal.

They expressed that it was so important to get assistance in counting the whales as they only have an estimate of their population, which they believe is around 300 to 400.

There will be a total of twelve stations along both the Knik and Turnagain Arm. Verena Gill encourages people to find the locations by Googling 'NOAA Beluga Count'.

This event is free to the public.