On this Workforce Wednesday, a job fair that is looking to connect Alaskan pilots with airlines looking to hire.

Louis Smith, President and Chairman of The Future and Active Pilot Advisors, or FAPA, stopped by to talk to us about the fair and current need for pilots in the industry.

According to Smith, now is an excellent time to try to become a professional pilot, as there has been a surge. For the last few years there hasn't been a great need for pilots, but as more and more retire, the job market for pilots is opening up again.

The job fair is taking place this Saturday, September 9th, at the Anchorage Marriott Downtown. You do need to register for the event beforehand and be sure to bring your resume. Head to fapa.aero/jobs to pre-register.

If you are interested in becoming a pilot they are offering a Future Pilots FOrum the same day. This is open to all ages, and you will need to pre-register for this event as well at fapa.aero/futurepilot.