The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services suffered a data breach over the summer, potentially disclosing personal information of those who have interacted with the Office of Children's Services. 

Two OCS computers were infected with malware, specifically a Trojan horse virus, resulting in a HIPAA breach of more than 500 individuals. The breaches occurred on July 5 and July 8, according to DHSS. 

While it's not yet clear if confidential information was accessed, DHSS says it's possible that OCS reports and documents containing family case files, personal information, medical diagnoses and other information was accessed during the breaches. 

DHSS says preliminary investigations indicate that the information was potentially accessed from this breach originated in the Western region. 

DHSS' Information Technology and Security team took immediate action to mitigate further access to the infected computers, and the team is continuing to work to determine the scope of the data that may have been accessed. 

Anyone who has had prior contact with the Office of Children's Services should call (888) 484-9355 to see if their personal information may have been included in the breach.