If there's one thing Alaskans want on their dinner table, it's the freshest fruits and vegetables. It's even better when it's grown right here at home. Thursday was "AG Day" at the Alaska State Fair and locally grown produce was one of the main attractions.

Whether it's directly from the farm, or already in the produce section of your local market, Alaska Farm Bureau Member Jill Warner says locally grown fruits and vegetables is vitally important to both consumers and the local economy.

"We truly are fresher and better by far, so having a source of locally produced food is important to every member of the state," she said.
The AG Day event is all about pushing Alaska towards its food independence. Warner says the state produces a far superior product over produce that has to be transported over long distances.

"Produce starts to go down hill. so, the better, the sooner you can get it, the better a product you're going to have," she said.

Bushes Bunches Farm has a booth at the Fair. KTVA's Patrick Moussignac talked to Maranda Brame who is a long time employee.

Brame went on to say, "A lot of people come to us because they want that either that day picked, you know within 48 hours."

The State of Alaska is working towards its own food sustainability, which Warner says is still years away from happening.

"With farmland trust working very hard to preserve our farmland, we move more and more towards food independence," she said.

Alaska's peak growing season stretches from May to September, and Warners says farmers are doing all they can to meet the growing demand.

"Just having the food grown locally and not depending and waiting for that long trip is so vital," she said. "So the more we can produce the better off all of us are. Both the producer and the consumer."

Every single dollar spent on produce grown locally, stays right here in Alaska, keeping farmers working and helping everyone stay healthy.