A lengthy standoff in Fairbanks Tuesday ended with a local man wanted on an Idaho arrest warrant taken into custody by Alaska State Troopers.

Kelo R. Smoke, 41, first came to troopers’ attention Tuesday morning after he was involved in a collision with minor injuries, according to an online trooper dispatch. Investigators visited a home on Prospect Drive to speak with him at about 11:30 a.m., after learning that Idaho authorities were seeking him for a parole violation.

“AST also learned that Smoke posed a significant officer safety risk to [troopers] because of past assaults on law enforcement,” troopers wrote.

When Smoke refused to exit the home, troopers formed a perimeter around it. A negotiator tried to talk with him throughout the day using a loudspeaker, but Smoke never responded to those efforts.

“Smoke attempted to flee out a back window but he went back inside when confronted by a trooper,” troopers wrote.

A search warrant for the home was obtained, and members of troopers’ Special Emergency Reaction Team were called to the scene at about 6:30 p.m. After further attempts to negotiate, troopers “were able to successfully clear most of the residence from outside the house,” but Smoke wasn’t in the living areas when they entered.

“K-9 Scout was dropped into the crawlspace to search,” troopers wrote. “K-9 Scout located Smoke hiding under [pieces] of fiberglass home insulation.”

Troopers remanded Smoke to the Fairbanks Correctional Center as a fugitive from justice.

Nobody was hurt in the standoff, although some residents of the neighborhood were displaced from their homes for several hours during the standoff.