He comes from a well-known family of mushers, but his dream is to become a world-famous musician.

Anchorage singer/songwriter Conway Seavey performed a “Mic Check in the Morning” on Daybreak Friday. He told James and Megan that he makes music inspired by his favorite artists like Ed Sheeran, Gavin DeGraw, Train and Maroon 5.

Conway, a former Junior Iditarod champion, is the son of Iditarod winner Mitch Seavey. His brother Dallas has won The Last Great Race too. So why did he choose music over mushing?

“I knew I had a passion for music but I always thought I would be a dog musher,” Seavey said. “I decided to follow my passion as a musician because that makes me happy. I love doing it and playing music and making people happy.”

His new song “Magnet” comes out Saturday, Feb. 28.

You can see him perform live at Fur Rondy on Ice through March 1.

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