Members of Tanana Rafters describe their sound as “bluesy folk rock.”

Jamie Whiteman, Matt Faubion, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Harrison Jennings and Jamie Goudreau make up the Anchorage-based band. They got their start in 2013 after a brief run-in with Faubion, Whiteman said.

“I was thinking about recording, I was playing a lot of solo stuff,” Whiteman said. “I ran into him randomly in town and he was like, ‘We should collaborate or something — and we started a band.'”

Whiteman wanted the band name to be something local but also interesting. Eventually she came up with the name Tanana Rafters.

“I wanted something we couldn’t pronounce,” Whiteman said. “And people say it wrong all the time, so it’s perfect.”

Tanana Rafters’ upcoming performances:

  • D Street Block Party – Sept. 4

  • Alaska State Fair – Sept. 7 (Opening for Kacey Musgraves)

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