“Junkyard” Jesse Jack, Dick Nitrous, CJ Elliott and Dale Payne make up the rock band Vicious Mammals. Hailing from Wasilla, the band has earned comparisons to groups like AC/DC and the New York Dolls. In July they released their debut album, “Switchblade Ballerina.”

When asked how the band came up with their name, Jack says that was the most difficult part.

“About 9,000 text messages went by before I said, all the vicious mammal names are taken,” Jack said. “I was like, how about that? Lets just be vicious mammals.”

The band has been together for about a year, according to Payne. Apparently, it was easy for them to decide on what kind of sound they wanted to go for.

“We had a few songs in the tank before we got together,” Jack said. “We just jammed them and everybody was on the same page.”

For more information on Vicious Mammals, check out their website or Facebook page.

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