Though he’s new to the local music scene, 23-year-old Miles Scott said he hopes to one day be able to perform all over the world. Scott is a singer-songwriter and lyricist from Anchorage who goes by the name ILZ.

Last year, he released the EP “Barely Off the Ground” that features the song “Something’s Missing From Me.”

Scott’s love for music started at a young age. However, it was his writing that helped ignite his musical talents.

“I was just listening to music and it wasn’t really quite feeling,” he said. “It didn’t satisfy me enough, so I started writing. And I was like, ‘I think this is good,’ so I was trying to write for anybody and everybody who will let me and I ran into the right person who said, ‘Hey I believe in you, let’s make something happen.”

He said it’s a hardship to make your dreams happen, especially in the music industry.

“Sleepless nights, you still gotta go to work, you know. You still gotta get up and do things,” Scott said. “You gotta make that extra time out of your day, just to make your dreams happen.”

To hear more from ILZ, you can check him out on Sound Cloud.

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