Recently back from a tour in the Lower 48, Alaska rapper Tayy Tarantino is making the rounds promoting his new album, “Homecoming.”

The album covers Tarantino’s experiences in the 49th state, an extension of efforts to make his music more engaging to the rest of the nation.

“People don’t understand me, they don’t get that it’s hip hop music from Alaska,” said Tarantino, adding that listeners really perk up when they hear where he’s from.

According to his website, Tarantino starting his singing career in the youth choir at his local church. He started rapping at 10 years old and while in his senior year of high school, he dedicated his first mixtape to his late grandfather. In 2013, Tarantino moved to the East Coast to build his fan base and had the chance to perform at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas. He moved back to Anchorage in late 2015 to record “Homecoming.”

Tarantino will be performing in the KTVA New Year’s Eve Celebration, along with the Conway Seavey Band, in downtown Anchorage. “Homecoming” is available now on iTunes and Google Play.

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