Local photographer Clark James Mishler hasn’t missed taking someone’s portrait every day for the past five years. His work is featured in Anchorage’s official centennial celebration documentary “Anchorage Is…

“I think there’s a lot of photographic projects in the world where people go out and make a photo a day,” Mishler said. “I thought I would up that a little bit and make that a portrait a day where I had to have some sort of interaction with people every day, and that’s just kind of a fun thing to do.”

Over the years Mishler has taken more than 1,825 portraits of people living and working in Anchorage.

“There’s a joke around my house where it’s like I don’t know everybody in Alaska, but chances are I have photographed them,” Mishler said.

You can say he’s learned a thing or two about people living in the Last Frontier.

“I think we’re colorful, I think we’re fun, outgoing, outdoorsy, [and] trying to find new ways to interact with the environment,” Mishler said. “I don’t think people do that everywhere in the world. I think Alaskans embrace the outdoors and they embrace the clothes that they own. How many people own 14 pairs of shoes, all for different types of walking, climbing, running, biking? We’re crazy that way.”

Mishler hopes to take a portrait a day for a decade, which means five more years on the job.

“Anchorage Is….” airs Monday, April 6 immediately following the NCAA men’s basketball championship on KTVA.