Anchorage Police are investigating a murder that happened in Spenard Wednesday night.

APD spokesman MJ Thim said police got multiple calls from neighbors who said they heard gunshots at 36th and Oregon. When they arrived, officers found a woman dead on the ground in front of a condo complex. There was rubble all around the body, apparently from a vehicle that had smashed through a fence and struck the front of the condo.

"What we do know is that when we got to the scene she was already dead and the injuries indicate that she was shot and struck by the vehicle," said Thim.

Thim said police talked to the driver of the vehicle, then let him go, adding that they know where to find him and that the investigation is ongoing. He said they're trying to figure out why the woman was in the area.

"Whether or not she was just walking by and the shots went off and the vehicle hit her, or if she was associated with what we believe was a drug-related situation, we don't know any of those details just yet," Thim said.

But a man who lives in the condo complex said he saw what happened. The man, who didn't want to be identified, said the woman was a passenger in a Toyota 4Runner that was parked across the street by what he described as a well-known drug house. He said he watched as a man on a motorcycle pulled up by the Toyota and shot the woman through the window multiple times before speeding off. He said the driver of the truck started down the road but didn't make it far and crashed into the fence.

Police say an autopsy will determine exactly how the woman died, and they're urging anyone with additional information to contact them. Thim said detectives do have solid leads in the case and are confident they'll solve it.