The Alaska Zoo is giving visitors a chance to see grey wolves a little closer this weekend by hosting “wolf day” on Saturday.

The zoo has five resident wolves. Staff often take them out for enrichment walks behind their enclosure to give the animals a chance to get used to different sights and smells.

Visitors will get a similar encounter this weekend.

Stephanie Hartman, the zoo’s education director, says it’s a great way to get people interested in this iconic Alaskan animal.

“When people can see something and learn about them and really create a great connection to them, they realize how important they are to not just the habitat and environment but how they are to have into the future,” she said. “Really enjoying and learning about the amazing wildlife we have here and wanting to conserve that for future generations. I love seeing that in people, for sure.”

There will be a wolf fact scavenger hunt and wolf encounters, as well as other enrichment activities at the Arctic fox and red fox exhibits.

Wolf day is Saturday, Oct. 10 from noon to 4 p.m.