Finding affordable housing is a huge challenge in Anchorage, but a new apartment complex in Mountain View may ease the crunch a little.

Ridgeline Terrace is one of the largest projects the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation has built in years. There are 70 units, 50 reserved for families and 20 just for seniors. AHFC CEO Bryan Butcher said the majority of the units come with garages. There’s also a community center, and on-site daycare, one of the biggest needs for working families, according to Butcher.

“Having a centralized daycare right here where people live is going to make it so much easier for parents to be able to make it to the work place and have their kids safely taken care of, ” said Butcher.

Butcher said location is another plus for the new complex. It’s on a bus line, close to downtown and within walking distance of a mall where there are not only shops but also potential jobs for residents.

On top of that, rents are below market value. Between $950 and $1200 a month for the one and two bedroom units, depending on income. The units are in high demand. Butcher said 158 people applied for the 70 spots. More than 70 people applied for the spots just for seniors. Butcher said that gives you an idea of just how great the need for affordable in Anchorage really is.