Another person has died in a bear mauling in Alaska, marking the second fatal encounter in just two days.

Monday morning, a contract employee hired by Pogo Mine to collect geological samples was attacked and killed by a bear. A second contract employee also sustained injuries in the attack.

Officials say the pair were working at an exploration site several miles away from the main camp when the attack occurred.

A mayday was called, officials say, and a helicopter with a paramedic and physician assistant on board responded to the scene and all personnel was evacuated to the main site.

“Right now we have more questions than answers. Everyone on site is concerned for those involved,” said Chris Kennedy, general manager at Pogo Mine. “Our condolences have been shared with our contractor and our hearts go out to the individuals, their colleagues, and their families.”

Alaska State Troopers identified the deceased as 27-year-old Erin Johnson, of Anchorage. The survivor has been identified as 38-year-old Ellen Trainor, of Fairbanks.

The bear was killed, a company spokesperson said, at the direction of Alaska Wildlife Troopers.

Sunday, 16-year-old Patrick Cooper died in a rare attack by a black bear while running the Bird Ridge Junior Division race southeast of Anchorage.

Last week, three teen hikers were injured after an encounter with a grizzly bear at Eagle River Campground.