Businesses around Anchorage are trying to meet the demand for outdoor seating as Alaskans and tourists try to soak in the sunshine.

The Healy-based 49th State Brewing Company took over the former Snow Goose Restaurant and opened on July 4. Both its decks were packed just an hour after it opening.

“We have a line out the door of people asking to be seated out on the patio,” said promotions director Ellen Maloney.

The company added bar seating along the outside railing to accommodate more people. It can fit around 200 people between both floors and staff are purchasing extra chairs to squeeze in people where they can.

“It’s nice to see restaurants and bars are recognizing that need for more outdoor space,” said customer Bryan Caenepeel. “Who doesn’t like to enjoy a nice warm afternoon that continues well into the evening out on a patio?”

If you can’t find an outdoor space downtown, you can head to midtown. Hearth Pizza is the latest restaurant to open a patio, which seats about 36 people.

It’s located next to Middle Way Café, which also has a couple tables outside. Jon Campabello, the owner of both establishments, said it’s nice for people to have options.

“Midtown can definitely use a few more patios. You have some nice ones — Rustic Goat, Spenard Roadhouse — and now we can be a part of that,” Campabello said. “A lot of people do go downtown for patios and views. You don’t have to go downtown, you can come to midtown.”

A little further south, South restaurant offers a different view of the Alaska Railroad.

“We enjoy having the train going by. Sometimes it’s the freight train, sometimes it’s the passenger train,” said day manager Kirbi Marcum. “It’s fun to wave at those guests as they go by.”

The deck is small—it can seat about 30 people—but it has a fire place with open seating. Marcum said on a sunny day, it doesn’t take long to fill up.

“People want to eat outside in the summer time. We all want to be outside no matter what we’re doing,” Marcum said.

Alaskans’ love of outdoors keeps those patios packed, so it’s a good bet if you want to dine al fresco, you’ll probably have to wait for a seat to open up.

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