A floatplane pilot’s quick action helped save the life of a woman stranded in Cook Inlet, according to the Anchorage Fire Department

Emergency responders were headed to Point Woronzoff Monday evening after receiving a call of a person in the water, but pilot Adam Redman was able to respond sooner.

“I was out on a flight. We were looking for areas to go fishing and shortly after take off Anchorage tower called us and said there was a woman in distress in Cook Inlet,” Redman said.

The experienced pilot said he immediately began circling the area in search of the victim. He and his passenger spotted the woman about ten minutes later a few hundred yards from shore, according to Redman.

“When we first saw her we honestly thought that we were recovering a body at that point,” he said. “She was still floating but we couldn’t tell right away whether she was breathing or not so we pulled her out of the water, onto the float and thankfully my passenger is also a physicians assistant so she was able to provide initial medical care.”

Redman says the woman was unresponsive during the entire rescue but did show vital signs.

He taxied his plane to shore where she was taken to the hospital.

Redman says he is still curious why the woman was in the water and said that she was fully clothed at the time.