Not one, but two new burger joints opened in Anchorage in just one week.

BurgerFi expanded to a second location in East Anchorage on Monday.

Alaska’s first Smashburger will host its grand opening on Wednesday. Owner Mark Larson said he chose the location across from Cabela’s on 100th Avenue and C Street because he wants to bring more options to the neighborhood.

“We’ve always felt like there was something missing,” said Larson, who lives and works in South Anchorage. “If we wanted to go have good dining experiences, we had to go to Midtown, if not further. For us here it’s adding to the neighborhood of having a good place to eat quality food for a really good value.”

Larson worked in construction but decided to get into the restaurant business after visiting Smashburger in the Lower 48.

“Everything we ate was fresh and really delicious,” he said. “Every time we ate it we felt good afterward and didn’t feel like we were eating a lot of processed food.”

The eatery features a few uniquely Alaskan items on the menu, including a burger made with Kenai Cheese Dip and an ice cream shake with Kaladi Brothers cold brew coffee.

Smashburger is the latest business to move into the 100th Avenue and C Street area. Target was alone out there for years until Cabela’s opened in 2014. The mattress company Sleep Number opened a store in June and Starbucks has been up and running for about a year.

There’s also a second location for Xalos Mexican Grill, which expanded from Mountain View in November. The owner said he wanted to capitalize on the development and the traffic in the neighborhood.

All of the options are enticing for people who live around there.

“We don’t have a lot available currently,” said Laura Moscatello. “It’s nice to see the addition of new businesses because quite frankly I can actually walk down here.”

Larson said he plans to open a total of three Smashburger locations in Alaska. There will be one more in Anchorage—in which part of town has yet to be decided—and another in Wasilla.

Smashburger is open seven days a week, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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