Representatives of EasyPark, formerly known as the Anchorage Parking Authority, say they are taking customer service to a whole new level.

Spokeswoman Melinda Gant said they are offering a parking “amenities program,” available to anyone who parks in an EasyPark lot or garage.

EasyPark's Bubble Buddy can rescue customers in distress

EasyPark’s Bubble Buddy can rescue customers in distress

Gant said customers can call or text the dispatch center at 907-297-4471 to request a visit from an EasyPark employee who can jumpstart their car or fill a tire with air if it dies in an EasyPark lot or garage. Several rigs are equipped to do the work, including a new electric vehicle called a “Bubble Buddy” that can respond in the downtown area. Gant said the vehicle was paid for with parking revenues. EasyPark is a self-sustaining entity that raised parking rates in July.

EasyPark is also offering a personal escort service for those who don’t feel comfortable walking to their destination after they’ve parked or who are hesitant to walk back to the lot on their own.

“Let’s say they’re working in the evening and they have parked in our lot or garage at EasyPark,” Gant said. “We can pick them up at either location and deliver them to where they need to go.”

Gant said all services are free for customers. She said the hope is that people will feel more comfortable about coming to downtown Anchorage knowing they have a safe place to park and someone to help if need be.

The amenities program operates seven days a week from 5 a.m. till midnight.

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