Cub Scout Pack 369 was devastated when its trailer was stolen in early October. Inside was roughly $3,500 worth of camping supplies and popcorn that was hours away from being delivered to customers. The theft crushed the boys’ hopes for their camping trip next summer.

However, since the trailer was stolen, Alaskans have come together to help the pack. Countless businesses and individuals helped make the pack’s trip a reality once again. The pack received a new trailer, fishing and camping supplies, along with monetary donations. Much of the fundraising came through a campaign on the popular Facebook group, Alaska’s Worst Drivers.

“They really helped us out,” said pack leader Zach Stanley, who said he was surprised by the huge response. “It wasn’t my property. It wasn’t any of the leaders’ property. This is property that belonged to the scouts.”

Stanley said he declined many offers of donations at first, but people insisted on donating anyway. Alaska Car Crushing, Veterans of Foreign Wars and 94.7 KZND were a few of the countless organizations and companies that helped the pack.

A creator of Alaska’s Worst Drivers said when he heard about the scouts’ situation, he thought it was only natural to use the Facebook group’s huge following to do some good.

“This is what I like about Alaska. When something goes wrong, everybody comes together,” said Osama Ziadeh. “We have over 24,000 people. I knew there’s a lot of good people in there and I knew that I would be able to raise the money.”

Stanley said the theft and outpouring of support have taught the scouts valuable lessons.

“I like the fact that people can help even though there’s really bad people out there,” said one scout.

The stolen trailer was recently found, but Stanley said it was badly damaged and there was nothing left inside. The person who stole the trailer is still at large.

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