It’s the homestretch for holiday shoppers and some local retailers say things are going well.

Jill Dean, owner of GrassRoots Fair Trade store in Midtown said sales this year are as strong as last year. She thinks the store may be benefiting from a move to buy local.

“We’ve had a lot of people saying they are here because we are locally owned,” said Dean. “And when we had the local shopping Saturday, we had a lot of people come in and say they were here because they were intentionally shopping local.”

But across town, 7E Studio owner Katie Sevigny said her season started slow. She blamed the Internet for taking shoppers away.

“Especially when we were seeing so many people just asking for websites or taking pictures of tags after trying on things. We were getting pretty worried about that,” said Sevigny. “We were feeling more like a closet and less like an actual store.”

Sevigny started posting on social media about the significant impact of shopping local and that seems to have worked. She says business now is going strong.

“It’s been a great movement and I think people are realizing the importance of it,” Sevigny said.

She said she is working with other local retailers in town to get the “buy local” message out even further and keep the momentum going year-round.

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