City crews will be working around the clock to get the latest snow plowed. Anchorage street maintenance director Alan Czajkowski said the plan is to continue to work to clear main roads and then get into local neighborhoods, possibly as early as Monday evening.

Czajkowski said there are several things Anchorage residents can do to make the snow-clearing efforts go more smoothly, including slowing down when approaching plows or sanders. He said people also need to make sure their vehicles are off the streets once the plows begin work in the neighborhoods.

“What we ask is that they don’t park on the street so we can come through and do a nice job the first time,” Czajkowski said. “And it saves us a lot of time and energy, and it also allows a much nicer job so people have a place to park.”

Czajkowski said the city has hired extra people to get the sidewalks cleared and he urged people not to walk in the street for safety’s sake.

“We put a real effort on the sidewalks to get them just as soon as it snows,” Czajkowski said. “But we have about 200 miles of sidewalks in town and trail so it takes time. We are hitting it just as fast as we can.”

He also reminded residents it is illegal to deposit snow from private property into the right-of-way. He said that means people who shovel snow from their driveways need to make sure it ends up on their property and not out on the street.

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