An inspection of The Dome, in Anchorage, makes workers more hopeful than ever that the structure can be repaired. Engineers and a representative of the company that made The Dome toured the facility on Thursday. It collapsed last weekend under the weight of heavy snow.

Dome board member Mike Martin said no exact cause has been identified for the failure. He said the special cloth which covered the structure does have some damage but it doesn’t appear the entire thing will need to be replaced.

“They are feeling positive that it is a repair event,” said Martin. “As The Dome fabric lays on the ground right now, 80 percent of it is in fairly good shape with minor damage. Compared to one or two sections with major damage.”

Martin said the covering, which is made out of PVC cloth, was originally assembled in pieces. He said it’s likely damaged areas could be replaced and patched in as needed. But how long the work will take or how expensive it will be is still a guess.

Martin said the company has to make sure it has the materials it needs for repairs. Those would be assembled in Minnesota, then a team would fly to Anchorage to install them.

Martin said it will be weeks before that could happen, but hopefully not months. He said he recently got assurances from Mayor Ethan Berkowitz that the city will help to smooth the way to get the facility up and running as soon as possible.

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