If you have an interest in the future of Town Square Park, the city would like to hear from you. The Anchorage Department of Parks and Recreation is starting work on its 20-year master plan for the park.

Park planner Steve Rafuse said he sees a lot of potential in the downtown park. He envisions a space where people feel comfortable and safe, a place where they feel welcome year-round.

“Folks could come downtown, they could enjoy a show at the Performing Arts Center, they could take a nice walk and enjoy the sculptures in the winter and the flowers in the summer,” Rafuse said.

Courtesy Municipality of Anchorage

Rafuse acknowledged that not everyone feels comfortable lingering in the park. In recent years, the city has implemented changes designed to make it safer, like skirting the bottom of trees to improve sight lines and, last summer, taking out the fountain that people were sitting on and hiding behind.

Rafuse said 2017 will be spent collecting information with input from the community, park planners, police and others. They’re looking for people willing to sit on a citizen’s advisory committee.

Rafuse said there will also be a series of public workshops with the first one planned for May. More information is available on the city’s Parks and Recreation website. 

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