Traffic was delayed for hours on the Glenn Highway Sunday as weather conditions led to a number of collisions, including a crash between a Chugiak Volunteer Fire and Rescue vehicle and an SUV.

Assistant chief of operations Virginia McMichael said a large SUV slid and hit the left side of the fire engine, which was parked on the Glenn Highway just north of the North Eagle River exit. The fire vehicle was there with a crew responding to another collision when the crash occurred, she explained.

The fire truck was “severely damaged,” McMichael said, and possibly totaled. The SUV likewise suffered extensive damage.

McMichael said none of the firefighters or other first responders was hurt during the crash, and the occupants of the SUV did not report any injuries.

Chugiak fire crews are under the Anchorage Fire Department’s jurisdiction, and the vehicle was towed to the department’s maintenance unit, where municipal staff will evaluate the damage.

KTVA 11’s Eric Ruble contributed to this report.

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