Students at Gruening Middle School in Eagle River got a gigantic geography lesson Thursday.

Seventh-graders spent their social studies class period working with a massive, 875 square foot map of Africa. Several of the teachers are working to become National Geographic certified. As part of the program, the company sent the traveling map to Alaska.

“I think it’s really cool because our teachers do so much for us to learn every day,” said seventh grade student Elijah Blaum.

The students have spent the past few weeks studying the continent, then put their knowledge into practice.

“It’s amazing because it’s interactive and they remember it longer,” said social studies teacher Katelyn Barringer. “We’re also looking at population, where people live and why they chose to live in that area.”

The Anchorage East Rotary paid to have the map and the educational materials shipped to Alaska. The map will be in Alaska for three more weeks, visiting Wendler, Golden View and Central middle schools.

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