All campaigns were invited out for one last push as Anchorage Baptist Temple combined church and state at an event called “Candidate Sunday.”

The event provided voters with a closer look at the candidates and issues on the August primary ballot.

With just two days left before the August 19 primary, campaign representatives say they are taking every opportunity they can to reach Alaskan voters and educate them on what’s at stake in the primary ballot.

The lobby of the Anchorage Baptist Temple was filled with campaign booths. Each had volunteers and staffers ready to relay their message to voters.

In attendance were campaigns for seats in Congress, state House and state Senate. The highly contested Republican U.S. Senate primary campaigns were also there in full force.

“Here every vote actually counts, which is great,” said Kennis Brady from the Mead Treadwell for U.S. Senate campaign. “Some of our races have been decided by just a couple of votes. So in the campaign season and especially just a couple of days away from the primary, it’s important that every single person give it their all.”

Ballot Measure 1, the oil tax measure, had representatives from both sides of the issue present as well.

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