With just a few days before the Nov. 4 election, campaign material continues to flood inboxes around Anchorage. Most of those campaign dollars are immediately finding themselves in the trash or recycle bin; some of them have just been tossed aside.

A signal of that can be seen at the U.S. Post Office on Muldoon Road.

Anchorage resident Annette Donaldson came to the post office to check her mail on Saturday and says she found herself frustrated at the numerous election mailers.

“Yesterday, I think we had four of the Lance Pruitt ones,” said Donaldson. “We’ve had many of the Dan Sullivans, probably. Maybe three of the same in one day.”

She calls it “disturbing” to see dozens of campaign mailers littering her local post office.

“A lot of it is not being recycled,” Donaldson said. “It’s just a waste of money. It doesn’t make me want to vote for a person.”

Donaldson says she already knows who her choice candidates are. She suggests putting the mailer money to better use, offering education, road improvements and food for the less fortunate as suggestions.

But researcher and pollster Marc Hellenthal has predicted that this season’s U.S. Senate race will be “the most expensive race in the history of Alaska.” He expects that over $10 million will be spent.

TV and internet ads reiterate key messages, giving voters the answers to questions like “How many times has Sen. Mark Begich voted with President Obama? or “Is Dan Sullivan really an Alaskan?”

“We’re just being kind of bullied into this process, memorizing a person’s name, and that’s what we’re going to choose on the ballot,” Donaldson said. “It’s not educating anyone.”

She also says she doesn’t think much of the money to stuff voters’ mailboxes is coming from Alaska. And Hellenthal confirms that some campaigns are able to spend so much due to outside money being pumped into the state.

As another few mailers were thrown into the growing pile, Donaldson says its a sign that Alaskans are ready for the election to be over.

“And not in a good way,” she adds.

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