There was lots of energy in the crowd that assembled today to hear former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speak at the PenAir hangar in Anchorage.

Romney told the crowd that Republicans across the country were counting on them to elect Dan Sullivan to the U.S. Senate.

“This state matters,” said Romney. “It makes it a big deal for people in Alaska, as well as people all over the country, frankly, because of the impact of what happens in this Senate race.”

If Sullivan, a Republican, is elected, it could tip the balance of power in the U.S. Senate back to the Republican party. It’s why Romney is here in Alaska, and he made that clear today.

When Sullivan took the stage, he made a swipe at his opponent, Sen. Mark Begich. Sullivan wondered why President Barack Obama and Sen. Harry Reid weren’t stumping for Begich in Alaska.

“Where are those guys in Alaska?” asked Sullivan. “They are no-shows up here, and we all know why.”

But Begich, who was campaigning in Fairbanks today, says his idea of bringing in “big guns” was a little different.

“We don’t have outsiders coming in on Learjets and billionaires. We have people that are real Alaskans,” said Begich. “My mom is up in Barrow, my wife was up in Bethel, she was up in Cordova and Homer. That’s how we are campaigning — with real people, because that’s what makes the difference.”

Both candidates say they have a full schedule of events on Election Day.

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