Mao Tosi

The former NFL star is also the manager of the Northway Mall.

Actively involved in his community, Tosi has been an advocate for the municipality’s at-risk youth, helping them through his nonprofit Alaska Pride.

If elected, Tosi says he’ll continue his commitment to Anchorage’s families, making sure they are safe and job savvy.

“East Anchorage is a real diverse community and growing fast,” Tosi said. “I see crime to be an issue. I see employment opportunities and employment training to be big things as well. Also connecting the community to many services that are out there. We’ve got a lot of things to tackle, but I look forward to the challenge.”

Adam Trombley

The self-described Eastsider is running for his second term.

He’s currently the Assembly vice chair.

Trombley says the housing costs in Anchorage have skyrocketed, and if re-elected he’d like to jumpstart more affordable housing projects.

“There’s an an affordable housing issue here in Anchorage, and that’s why I’ve focused so heavily on doing some reforms of the building department to help bring down that cost through a competitive market place.”

Pete Petersen

Petersen is no stranger to politics, having served as a state representative in 2009.

He was known for legislation outlawing price gouging by the state’s oil refineries.

Locally, if elected to the Assembly, he says infrastructure would be a top priority.

“We are having growth issues,” Petersen said. “We need to make sure that transportation is improved. The Muldoon overpass is way beyond capacity right now and the Tikahtnu Commons Shopping Center is continuing to grow, so it’s only going to get worse.”

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