KTVA invited every registered candidate running in the upcoming Anchorage municipal election to an on-camera interview at our studios to discuss the following topics:

  1. Balancing the budget

  2. Public safety

  3. Introducing new taxes

  4. Addressing homelessness in Anchorage

  5. Plans for the future

We also asked each candidate to submit a 300-word biography, each of which has been left unaltered. The candidates’ full interviews and responses are listed below, ordered alphabetically.

John Brassell


John Brassell did not share a biography with KTVA.

Patrick Donnelly


Patrick Donnelly did not respond to multiple interview invitations via phone and email in time to participate in KTVA’s Meet the Candidates series. 

Fred Dyson


Fred Dyson is a longtime Eagle River resident, living in Alaska since 1964, and making Eagle River home in the mid 1970s.

Fred is married to his beautiful wife Jane, has 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and been a foster parent to many more.

Fred has represented Chugiak-Eagle River on the Anchorage Assembly, and in the Alaska Legislature.

Gretchen Wehmhoff


From childhood, my parents shared the benefits, joys and importance of service to our community and country. I was raised in Anchorage and attended Anchorage Schools from first grade through graduation from Dimond High. My roots are strong and my commitment to Alaska, Anchorage and the community of Chugiak- Eagle River is steadfast. I regularly attend community council meetings, public meetings that impact our area and I stay involved in local government. Being involved in my community is second nature.

I believe in getting our people to work, insuring safe streets and homes and making sure every child has supportive adults in their lives and the benefits of a strong school system.

My bachelors degree in Speech Communication from the University of Denver and my masters is Negotiation and Dispute Resolution from Creighton University School of Law gave me rigorous practice and foundations to help people work together to find common ground and build our community through positive commitment rather than negative deconstruction.

I believe in community involvement through volunteerism, civic activity and public service. I’ve lived in Chugiak-Eagle River (CER) for 22 years. My experience as a teacher and leader with ASD and serving on boards of several non-profit groups keeps me in touch with Anchorage. I am an optimist, a doer and a listener. People working together, sharing ideas and dreams are fantastic citizens. I believe in the people of the Municipality of Anchorage. It has been my home, since 1965. It is time I give back to this great city.