• The king fishing is still great on Ship Creek.

  • Lake fishing is OK — the evenings are best.

  • Bird Creek is closed until July 13.


  • Halibut fishing is great and they’re getting a lot of big fish.

  • The Seward Halibut Tournament is on and goes to the end of the month.

  • Rockfishing is really good.

  • Silver salmon haven’t really arrived.

  • King salmon fishing is spotty.

  • Remember to give other boats a lot of room.


  • Halibut fishing is great.

  • There are still some kings.


  • Fishing for rainbow trout and grayling on Parks Highway streams is good although the streams are a little high.

  • Lake fishing for pike and trout is good.

  • King salmon fishing is very good including on the Eklutna Tailrace.

  • Remember it’s now only open on weekends and Mondays.

Kenai Peninsula

  • Rainbow trout fishing on the Kenai River is tough because the water is really high.

  • Russian River trout fishing is pretty good, slow for red salmon.

  • Lake fishing is pretty good for trout and grayling.

  • Anchor river king salmon fishing is now closed.


  • Halibut fishing is great.

  • Rockfishing is hot.

  • Silvers haven’t really arrived.

  • Kings are good around the docks, harbor and break wall.

As always, remember to check the regulations before you drop your line in the water. Regulation can change at any time.