Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) has a new commander. On Monday, Col. George Dietrich replaced Col. Brian Bruckbauer as the so-called “Mayor of JBER.”

“This is unlike any community I have ever seen before and I am so thankful and impressed with your support of the men and women who serve our nation and work on this very important and strategically located installation,” Bruckbauer said.

Now that his two-year assignment as JBER commander has come to an end, he is heading to New York City to work with the Council on Foreign Relations.

Bruckbauer said he feels one of his big accomplishments was improving communication on all levels, from leadership to social media.

As the new commander, Dietrich said growing JBER and community relationships is among his top priorities.

“The fact that we are joint is our strength and using that strength, we ought to be able to make this the absolute premier installation in the Department of Defense,” Dietrich said. “I want everyone in the United States to look at this community relationship and say, ‘We got to do it more like JBER does it with the Municipality of Anchorage.'”

Dietrich comes to JBER from Travis Air Force Base in California, and said since he first joined the U.S. Air Force, he’s always wanted to be stationed in Anchorage.

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