(Harland Fletcher/CBS San Francisco)

BRENTWOOD, Calif. — A high school student in California wanted to show off his military pride at his graduation ceremony by wearing his U.S. Army uniform, but school administrators insisted he cover it up, violating military code, CBS San Francisco reports.

Harland Fletcher, a senior at Liberty High School in Brentwood, California, says the proudest achievement of his life was to wear his military uniform.

“I talked to my counselor the day before practice,” he said, but when he showed up to the graduation ceremony, he was denied.

“‘No, you can’t walk in that,’ and I asked, ‘why?’ and he said ‘that’s not the graduation uniform,'” Fletcher said, recalling the conversation.

So he asked again.

“They said they had an extra cap and gown and I said, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t do that. That’s defacing the uniform. That’s against the uniform policy,” he said.

Fletcher said he was not going to participate and walked out.

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