An Anchorage nonprofit is clearing its name after it was accused of endorsing a candidate for state senate.

Natasha Von Imhof posted a quote from the vice president of United Way of Anchorage on her campaign page:

“I have worked with Natasha for two years on the 90% by 2020 initiative to improve student outcomes in Anchorage. I can say that Natasha has a deep and genuine passion for community, she always comes to the meetings prepared, and is willing to do the hard work necessary to move an initiative forward.

– June Sobocinski, Vice President, Education Impact, United Way of Anchorage.”

Some saw the testimonial as a direct endorsement. A complaint on Facebook prompted the organization to have the quote removed. In a post Thursday, United Way of Anchorage said:

“United Way of Anchorage never endorses candidates for any election. We have asked Natasha to remove the entire post and that should be done this morning.”

The quote was removed from Von Imhof’s page.