House Bill 11, a bill to clear dropped charges from a person’s record in the state’s online records system, Courtview, passed a final vote in the Senate Wednesday, 19 to 1. Records would only be cleared online, however, and would still be accessible to the public at courthouses.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Tammie Wilson, who said the measure allows the system to truly reflect a person as innocent until proven guilty.

“We know people who’ve lost their jobs or not been able to get an apartment because what they’ll do is go on Courtview on the Internet and look up whether or not there’s been any kind of charges,” Wilson said. “They don’t go and see whether you’ve been found guilty or not they just see you had a charge and therefore make a determination.”

A similar bill — Senate Bill 108 — was vetoed by the governor last session because it also required sealing physical records in courthouses. Wilson described her bill as the “friendlier” version of SB108.

“We’ve already talked to the governor and he was good.” Wilson said.

Wilson said a person would have to be found not guilty of all charges for the record to be erased online.

“If you plead down, all that stays on,” Wilson said.