Gov. Bill Walker’s line-item veto that capped this year’s Permanent Fund Dividend checks at $1,000 is unprecedented, and some people are even calling it illegal.

Monday night, more than a dozen protesters were out at two locations — first downtown, then at The Mall at Sears — calling for Alaskans to recall the governor.

The group, led by Joe Miller, carried signs and collected signatures. They will need about 28,000 signatures to submit with their application. Once it’s approved, they would then need about 70,000 signatures.

“The first level will actually be the biggest petition drive that the state has ever seen,” Miller claimed. “If we make it, we will have gathered more signatures, as far as what we can see in the record, than have ever been gathered before.”

Miller wasn’t able to say immediately how many signatures they’ve collected so far, but said he believes they have hundreds, possibly thousands.

Monday night, the governor responded with this statement:

“I respect these Alaskans’ right to voice their objections over my budget vetoes. However that does not sway my decision on how to address the state’s fiscal challenges. Alaska is currently facing a $4 billion budget deficit. Without significant changes, the Permanent Fund Dividend will go to zero in just four years. I was proud to follow the actions of the Republican-led Senate, which voted to restructure the Permanent Fund. While the actions we took were not politically popular, they were absolutely necessary to preserve our state’s savings and bring fiscal stability back to Alaska.”

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