After five days, without holding a single hearing, the Alaska House of Representatives has adjourned from a special session called by Gov. Bill Walker in Juneau — but the session isn’t over just yet.

According to the Alaska constitution, if the Senate continues working for another three days, the House will be forced back into session. Senate President Kevin Meyer told KTVA he expects to adjourn.

“I don’t see anything at this point in time that can’t wait six months, which is our next regular session,” Meyer said. “But that’s the next question I would have for my group.”

The Senate is scheduled to meet for a floor session in Juneau on Monday at 11 a.m.

House Speaker Mike Chenault said the House decided to call it quits after realizing that after 6 months in sessions, it still didn’t have the support to pass any of the governor’s revenue measures, like new taxes or a restructuring of the permanent fund.

“To continue to call special sessions without the votes to pass any of the legislation becomes futile after a little while,” Chenault said. “If the governor was to be able to get 21 House votes and 11 Senate votes for any one of these particular revenue measures, then I’m sure that most of us would probably come back down in a heartbeat.’

Chenault said there are plans to put together a working group to continue to address the state’s unprecedented revenue shortfall.

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