Incumbents Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Rep. Don Young won their Alaska primary races by a large margin, unofficial results indicated Tuesday night.

Murkowski’s opponents earned significantly fewer votes, with Paul Kendall and Thomas Lamb bringing in less than 10 percent each while Bob Lochner scraped together just over 15 percent for himself. Early results showed the Republican senator garnered more than two-thirds of the votes from reporting precincts, a lead she held to the end. She will likely face Democrat Ray Metcalfe for her senate seat in November. Metcalfe won just over half of the votes in a race against Democrat Edgar Blatchford and Libertarian Cean Stevens.

Young also swept his Republican opponents, earning more than 70 percent of votes. Democrat Steve Lindbeck’s name will likely appear next to Young’s on the November ballot after he raked in roughly 60 percent of his race’s votes.

In a statement Tuesday night, Young said, “I am humbled by the support Alaskans have shown me tonight and I look forward to continuing our fight for Alaska’s future.”

Lindbeck also issued a statement, saying, “These are tough times in Alaska, and it’s clear that Alaskans are ready for new leadership and a new direction.”

The Republican race for Senate District F was close. Incumbent Sen. Shelley Hughes held a narrow lead of little more than 7 percent over Adam Crum, each pulling more than 40 percent of votes. Steve St. Clair trailed with just over 10 percent of votes. Whoever wins that race will run against Democrat Sam Laudert-Rodgers, who ran unopposed.

Republicans George Rauscher and Rep. Jim Colver also appeared to be neck and neck as results rolled in for House District 9. Colver fell behind with almost 48 percent of votes, compared to Rauscher’s 52 percent. Should Rauscher hold his lead, he will unseat Colver, as he will be unopposed in November.

Jennifer Johnston and Ross Beiling, two Republican opponents vying for House District 28, were very vocal in their campaigns. Johnston’s message apparently resonated more with voters Tuesday. She captured a 15 percent lead over Bieling with 100 percent of precincts reporting. She will face Democrat Shirley Cote, who ran unopposed.

Some of the primary election races were not as exciting, with a number of candidates defaulting as winners without opponents in their party. Other candidates will run unopposed in November, all but one of whom are incumbents:

  • Senate District N – Catherine Giessel (Republican)

  • Senate District P – Gary Stevens (Republican)

  • Senate District R – Bert Stedman (Republican)

  • Senate District T – Donald Olson (Democrat)

  • House District 1 – Scott Kawasaki (Democrat)

  • House District 4 – David Guttenberg (Democrat)

  • House District 17 – Andrew Josephson (Democrat)

  • House District 19 – Geran Tarr (Democrat)

  • House District 20 – Les Gara (Democrat)

  • House District 29 – Charles Chenault (Republican)

  • House District 33 – Sam Kito (Democrat)

  • House District 36 – Robert Sivertsen (Republican, first term)

  • House District 37 – Bryce Edgmon (Democrat)

  • House District 39 – Neal Foster (Democrat)

For a full rundown of who will appear on the November ballot, check out the Alaska primary election results.

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