Last updated at 8 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 2

A Twitter account that appears to belong to a candidate for Juneau assembly shows more than 400 posts about large-breasted women.

William Quayle Jr. declined an interview with KTOO-FM but said in an email that he would not discuss his fetishes, and that he has original ideas that his competitors do not.

One Tweet announced a run for city assembly.

Quayle talked to KTVA about those tweets. He said that most of his ex-wives and girlfriends have been “big,” saying that’s his preference. But Quayle added that personal preference in women should not be a factor in the election.

When asked about anyone who might be upset by the tweets, Quayle responded by saying, “I’ve liked big women since I lived in Sacramento. So what. I mean, what’s the problem? Okay? I just like big women. Is that alright? No. It’s a bunch of crap.”

Quayle later said he would help people in Juneau by selling water to people in Southern California. He also stated he would work to reduce licensing and permitting fees.

Arnold Liebelt and incumbent Mary Becker are also running for the District 1 seat. KTVA called Quayle’s opponents in the assembly race. As of Sunday night we had not heard back from Becker or Liebelt.

The election is set for Tuesday.

KTVA 11’s Joe Vigil contributed to this report.

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