If you want to talk to your legislator in Anchorage, you’ll have to go to Spenard now. The Anchorage Legislative Information Office (LIO) has moved to the Wells Fargo Building on the corner of Benson Boulevard and Minnesota Drive. The Alaska Legislature moved out of its downtown Anchorage LIO at the beginning of the October, and while most lawmakers have moved in, they haven’t settled in. Boxes can still be seen through the clear, glass doors of many legislators’ offices.

The Task Force on Civics Education was the first to hold a hearing in the new building Friday.

“We’ve still got a little bit of work to do on it,” said Sen. Gary Stevens, Chair of the Legislative Council — the committee in charge of purchasing the $12 million building. “We have some problems right now with microphones, usually we have individual microphones for every person who’s sitting at the table, we had one microphone this time, so we have some things to work on and we will work on those over time.”

Stevens said further renovations will be made to the building while lawmakers are in Juneau for the legislative session.

The Legislature has paid rent on its Fourth Avenue building through Sunday. After that, it will have broken its $4 million a year lease with the owner, 716 w. Fourth Ave. LLC. The company is claiming $37 million in damages from the state, a claim which Stevens denied last week.

716 W. Fourth Ave. LLC has until Oct. 20 to appeal Stevens’ response — in which case, the claim will be brought to a vote before the entire Legislative Council.

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