He’s known by many as “Disco Ray,” a nickname he earned dancing at the Baranof Hotel in Juneau, while serving in the Alaska House in the early 1980s. Now, Ray Metcalfe calls himself the “anti-corruption candidate,” for U.S. Senate.

“You can get change with this if you take it to the ballot box and vote,” Metcalfe said, as he pointed to his campaign ad — a one-million-dollar bill with his own face on the front. Metcalfe says it symbolizes his will to end the “pay to play” game in politics.

Speaking at the Alaska Federation of Natives of convention in Fairbanks, Metcalfe came with a list of proposals for the Alaska Native community.

“I want to see villages have the ability to provide their own services when government doesn’t provide them,” Metcalfe said, as one in example.

In the ’80s, Metcalfe served two terms in the Alaska House as a Republican. Now, as a Democrat, he’s getting little support from his own party — which has endorsed independent Margaret Stock, instead.

“What the bottom line is, (what) it’s over is there’s some Democrats that want to end the pay to play game for the other guy and some Democrats want to end the pay to play game for everybody,” Metcalfe said of the divide.

But Alaskan voters chose Metcalfe in the Democratic primary — and like many of them, Metcalfe was a staunch supporter of Bernie Sanders for President.

“I was defined as a Bernie insurgent within the Democratic Party,” Metcalfe said.

Now, he wants to work with Sanders in the Senate. Metcalfe credits himself for tipping the FBI off in the Veco scandal that sent several lawmakers to prison, now he hopes you’ll send him to Washington D.C.

Other candidates challenging Republican incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski include Joe Miller, who is running as a Libertarian; independent candidate Margaret Stock; and write-in candidates Paul Kendall, Sidney Hill, Rob Mulford and Jed Whittaker.

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