The election is a week away, and accusations, grievances and even a police complaint are flying back and forth between now Libertarian Joe Miller and his former party, the Alaska Republican Party.

Friday, the Miller campaign sent out a mailer that looked a lot like an old mailer from 2010 that the AKGOP paid for. The flyer is from Miller’s Republican run for U.S. Senate, and points to Sen. Lisa Murkowski — his opponent then and now — for bailing out Wall Street at the expense of Alaskans. It’s one card in a packet of mailers at the center of a recent federal complaint the AKGOP launched against Miller.


During a recent press conference, Miller explained someone dropped off a load of the old mailers, so he reported them as a donation. Now, they’ve found a way to use them, by adding, “What the Republican Party said in 2010,” “What’s changed,” and their own disclaimer next to the original one.

“It’s one of these campaign dirty tricks,” said Alaska GOP Chairman Tuckerman Babcock. “Basically you’re intentionally misleading voters, intentionally confusing them. I mean how is a voter supposed to know whether Joe Miller paid for the flyer or the Alaska Republican Party paid for the flyer? It’s really kind of a underhanded trick to do at the end of a campaign.”

Babcock says the party had notified the U.S. Postal Service Bulk Mail Facility in Anchorage to be on the lookout for the mailers, and Friday, he got an email notifying him one of them had been sent out by Miller’s campaign. He says they filed a theft complaint with the Anchorage Police Department before they were aware of the subtle changes to the flyer.

Miller’s campaign spokesperson Randy DeSoto responded, saying, “Clearly Tuckerman Babcock is trying to keep Alaskans from learning about Murkowski’s liberal voting record […] The Anchorage Police Department would be well within their rights to press charges against Tuckerman Babcock, as he violated AS 11.56.800, when he filed a frivolous and false report.”

Anchorage police spokeswoman Anita Shell said the complaint was submitted online. She explained that only a police officer or records clerk could file suspect information, so the complaint would most likely be rejected. She said at that time, police will contact AKGOP to notify them and allow them to file a full report, something Babcock says they will not be pursuing.

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