Anchorage’s municipal election is still a few months out, but April is approaching a little too fast for the municipality to roll out the new vote-by-mail system election officials planned to use for the first time this year.

Deputy municipal clerk Amanda Moser said they still need two major pieces of equipment: a tabulator to scan the ballots and a machine to sort the envelopes. She said the request for proposal process for the equipment took longer than expected, but they hope to be ready for a mail-in election by April of 2018.

“We recognized that this was a really challenging, big project and we anticipated that we might have setbacks along the way,” Moser said. “And so although we were really cautiously optimistic that we’d be able to go forward with an April 2017 vote by mail election, we are excited to move forward after that with vote by mail and we just really want to make sure that we have everything in place to have a successful election.”

She said Anchorage voters can expect business as usual, with polling locations in all 122 precincts and absentee mail-in ballots available.

Moser also said they’re encouraging voters to “Opt in to mail in” on their own this time around, before they officially make the switch to elections by mail.

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