President Trump’s Administration is asking all U.S. states for their election systems and voter fraud information.

In a release from the Alaska Office of the Lieutenant Governor, public information includes:

  • voter status (active or inactive)

  • voter name

  • residence address (if not requested by voter to be maintained as confidential under AS 15.07.195)

  • mailing address

  • voter registration dates party affiliation

  • party affiliation

  • district and precinct designation

  • voter history

Confidential information is defined as:

  • voter number

  • social security number (SSN)

  • last four numbers of SSN

  • Alaska driver’s license number

  • state identification number

  • date of birth

  • place of birth

  • telephone number

  • primary ballot choice

  • signature

  • residence address (if requested by voter to be maintained as confidential following AS 15.07.195)

Confidential information will not be released.

Original press release below.

DOE PR 17-001 Division of Elections’ Protocol on Dissemination of Voter Information

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