KTVA’s Teacher of the Week is a new weekly segment that will be featured on KTVA every Monday. KTVA’s James Gaddis and Megan Mazurek will recognize a local teacher in the community who goes above and beyond for their students.

The Teacher of the Week is based on nominations from viewers. After careful deliberation every week, KTVA will select a teacher and highlight the work they do in the classroom.

This week, KTVA is recognizing Alix McKee, a third- and fourth-grade teacher at Chinook Elementary School in West Anchorage. Megan and James stopped by her classroom to give her a well-deserved certificate.

McKee has been teaching at Chinook Elementary for the past eight years. Before that she worked for the Fairbanks North Star School Borough District. Her dedication and consistency in the classroom is why she’s KTVA’s Teacher of the Week.

The moment they walk into the classroom, McKee’s students know what to expect.

Consistency is what gives her students a sense of safety and support. Singing in the mornings is what soothes them and gets them ready to take on the day.

Third and fourth grade is a big transition time for kids. Their thinking begins to shift from literal and concrete to being able to understand things like sarcasm.

McKee describes it like a light bulb going off — sort of how she discovered her love for teaching. Her kids give her lessons daily in patience, humility and “how to be silly and how to let things go,” she says. It’s the aspect of her job that’s the most rewarding.

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